Children First: Educational Coaching

Bridget Koetsch, M.Ed.

Hello Families,

I am so happy that you have found this website and me! It means that you are already a wonderful support for your child! Starting the search for outside tutoring and/or educational advocacy can be daunting with so many questions. I hope that I can help you through this process and create a tutoring and/or advocacy plan that works best for your child and your family.

I have Bachelors Degrees in both Special Education and History and a Masters Degree in Special Education. I hold certifications in Elementary Education grades 1-6 and Moderate Special Needs Prek-9. I have completed the Federation for Children with Special Needs Parent Consultant Training Institute and Internship and am a trainer for the Federation's workshops.

I have worked in the local schools for 22 years as a Special Education Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, and a Social Emotional Learning Coach.

Talk soon,

Bridget Koetsch, M. Ed.

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