What is a Parent Special Education Consultant / Advocate?

Special Education Consultant / Advocate help you build productive dialogue and a strong collaborative relationship with your child’s Special Educational Team and school district. I will provide you with the advice, creative approaches, personal attention and tools you will need to help your child succeed. Parent Advocates will help you become a more effective Special Education advocate for your child. *** A Special Education Advocate is NOT A licensed, practicing attorney.***

For More Information in regards to The Difference Between Special Education Advocates and Attorneys visit this link

Services include, but are not limited to:

    • Assist, inform, empower and educate parents/caregivers

    • One-to-one consultation with parents/caregivers on child’s current performance, review history and discuss vision for future

    • Review and examine records, evaluations, assessments, developmental history, current and past education plans, report cards and progress reports

    • Create organized binder of child’s records

    • Assist in designing the right path to best serve your child’s unique needs

    • Represent your vision at meetings

    • Draft effective letters for school and other agencies

    • Match the needs of the child to programs, providers and schools

    • Recommend appropriate services that will meet your child’s unique profile

    • Assist in preparing you for an IEP or 504 meetings by identifying priorities, researching options, and empowering you to be mentally and emotionally prepared.

    • Direct Meeting Support: I can accompany and support you at meetings in order to provide clear communication, detailed notes, and a collaborative atmosphere.

What we will need to work together:

      • Signed contract

      • A nonrefundable administrative fee of $300 - This fee will be used towards services

      • Copies of last 2 IEPs

      • Copies of recent school testing, report cards, progress reports, letters to the school

      • Copies of recent independent evaluations, if applicable

      • Copies of recent Behavior Plans, if applicable